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Growing up, my house always had at least 5 pets at any given time.  This doesn’t include the fish and hamsters we kept too.  I didn’t know, at the time, that there were so many breeds of cats.  We would get asked “what kind of dog do you have?” all of the time but never the breed of our cats.  I do know that my mom had a Persian however. 

When I joined the military and moved to Germany I found out that breeders was the main way you were able to acquire pets.  It was at this time that I first started getting interested in breeders and what they did.  By the time I moved to Florida in 2007 I was working on my web design certification.  I started working with local breeders (both dogs and cats) by helping them build their websites for a little extra cash on the side.  A few years later I moved on to become a photography major and continued working with breeders from that end.  It was through those experiences as well as a buyer that I learned the differences between a reputable breeder and a backyard breeder, as well as the ones in between.

 I continue to work with some breeders as a photographer on occasion; however I am currently working towards understanding the breeding world more thoroughly and considering getting into it myself.  I am now married and have three beautiful boys who may more even more animal lovers then their mom.  While my first love will always be with the Persian and Himalayan breeds, we now have a Bengal that owns us.  Even if I never become a breeder myself, I hope that all of the information I have been able to gather and research will be used to help others in regards to the breeding world. 

Since I am not a breeder, this "bio" is more about my life working with them.  If you want something more to what I do, here's the bio I have written on my website ( under my About Me section.

"Ronni was born in Washington State, however moved a few times before her parents settled in Fredericksburg, VA. After graduating from high school, Ronni joined the Air Force and was stationed in Germany. In 2007 she moved to Florida where she started working on her degree in Photography through the Academy of Art University. In May 2011, Ronni left the military to concentrate on her studies. By the end of the year, she moved to Central Texas where she continues to study photography.

Currently Ronni is concentrating on spending time with her family and photographing as much as she can. Her real passion is for portraits of families, personal pictures, and special events. Eventually Ronni hopes to get her "Tattooed" series published and hopefully displayed in a gallery. The series is an ongoing project and she is always welcoming people to participate in it."

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