Donna Haynes

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I started out in the beginning alone going to cat shows talking to breeders and listening to the judges comments on what they liked about the cat they choose as Best Cat. I studied the Breed Standards, temperament and pedigrees.

I bought my first Bengal, a silver stud whom I still have, and worked with a breeder raising  kittens for her and learned alot of things, and then bought my girls and started my own breeding program and taking my cats to shows. Having a mentor who wants to see me grow and a support group of fellow breeders has taken me farther now as we discuss and support each other's at home experiences  with each litter. I have always taught my kids that you can do anything you put your mind to, and do it well by putting  all your efforts into it.

I fell in love with the Bengal cat breed when I first saw one and realized how intelligent  and how they bond, which makes them a great companion. I am making every effort to be sure I am doing the breed well, I test for HCM, and do blood testing, virus testing and yearly health testing of my cats, I love hearing back from pet buyers on how their kittens /cats are doing and love the pictures sent to me showing me how the kittens have grown. I feel blessed and happy to hear back about a kitten that went to another Breeder that has done well and winning at the shows ! This tells me I am doing things the right way, but I am focused on making those ears rounder, smaller and the tails shorter and fat. So when I see a new kitten that has these quality's I get so excited. My granddaughter now has her own Bengal Cat that I will guide her with in breeding, showing, and sharing with her this wonderful breed. Don't think she is too young, she watches Cats 101 and told me many things she learned before she picked out her kitten ! She did her home work.

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