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  • What is an approved cattery anyway? What does it mean to you? Approved catteries with the Cat Buyer Guide are individuals that have positioned themselves to be a step above the commonplace. They have shown to this organization that they are following exceptional health testing protocols. For example, in order to get listed here all catteries will have shown they test for HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy - a genetic heart disease)

    To request your cattery to be listed in the Approved Catteries view the requirements and submit your request to Cat Buyer Guide.

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    Lone Star Bengals

    We are a TICA certified Cattery of Excellence and TIBCS member, located just west of the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas.  Our passion and Commitment is breeding healthy Bengal kittens with a wild exotic look and extremely socialized personalities. TIBCS Breeder of Distinction.


    Blossom Ragdolls

    Raised as our family with constant love and luxury!  Highest quality "blue-eyed pointed" gorgeous Ragdolls, sweet "floppy" temperaments, Health guaranteed. Int'l Winner lines, TICA Breed Committee Member, TICA Breeder/Exhibitor Mentor.  



    Regal Air Bengals

    Regal Air Bengals is striving to improve the breed, one generation at a time, at our in-home cattery.  Our focus is on the “total cat”-- Breeding for health, temperament, structure, coat, color and pattern in our beloved Bengals. 731-646-0898

  • http://Tough and Mighty Bengals

    Tough and Mighty Bengals

    We are a small in-home cattery located near Seattle, WA breeding since 2005.  We breed for health, beauty and loving temperaments. Specialize in brown and snow marbles with the occasional spotted kittens, we also practice early spay/neuter.

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