Approved catteries

  • What is an approved cattery anyway? What does it mean to you? Approved catteries with the Cat Buyer Guide are individuals that have positioned themselves to be a step above the commonplace. They have shown to this organization that they are following exceptional health testing protocols. For example, in order to get listed here all catteries will have shown they test for HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy - a genetic heart disease)

    To request your cattery to be listed in the Approved Catteries view the requirements and submit your request to Cat Buyer Guide.

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    Star Angel Bengals

    Breeding for dramatic patterns, whited tummies, small ears, fun and loving temperaments, healthy & strong as we breed for the bengal standard. We are TICA Outstanding Cattery and a TIBCS Breeder of Distinction


    Urban Safari Exotic Cats

    Our mission is to produce Bengal and Savannah kittens of superior quality for most discerning pet owner. We go to great lengths to select from Internationally awarded bloodlines that are beautiful, genetically healthy and social to pass these desirable traits onto their offspring.


    WildGold Bengals

    WildGold Bengals is a small cattery located in Southern California. All of our Kittens and Cats are raised under foot and have wonderful temperaments as well as health and beauty. All kittens are also microchipped. (562) 972-1211


    Paragon Bengals

    We are a small, in-house cattery dedicated to breeding happy, confident, and healthy Bengals that align with the TICA standard for the Bengal cat while continuously improving the breed.   ** is a member of TICA and TIBCS


    Blue River Abyssinians

    Grand Champion lines. Regional Winner lines. European Champion lines. Distinguished Merit lines. Imported lines. Pet cats/kittens altered prior to placement. Written health guarantee. Ruddy, blue, cinnamon, fawn, chocolate, lilac, sex-linked red, cream, and torbie.