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Cat Buyer Guide

This is a space designed and run by a team dedicated to ensuring people are educated about what to look for when buying a pedigreed cat.

There are so many more factors to consider rather than just the cat itself. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a show cat or a pet, all the information is here to help you make an informed decision. So please look around, ask questions and take the time to learn as much as you can before you make a purchase decision.

The exciting thing is that anyone can join the team. Just be willing to be kind and respectful and contribute to educating others.

I happen to breed Bengals so that is where the pictures came from.

They were my own photos to use with permission from Helmi Flick.

Meet The Team

  • Mark Pennington

    When we bought our first pedigreed show cat we had no help. I studied the breed for 2 years. I studied pedigrees, talked to many breeders, many of them clearly very poorly educated about the breed and a few that were obviously knowledgeable...

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  • Lisa and Clan at Ruby Claw Bengals

    Lisa Stacholy

    Our first pedigreed cat is a wonderful family pet, we had hoped that she would be a fabulous show cat for our children to show in TICA’s Junior Exhibitor program; alas, kitty likes being a family pet.  We learned SO much during that initial time...

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  • Contributer Photo Here

    Ronni Russell

    Growing up, my house always had at least 5 pets at any given time.  This doesn’t include the fish and hamsters we kept too.  I didn’t know, at the time, that there were so many breeds of cats.  We would get asked “what kind of dog do you have?” all of the time but never the breed of our cats.  I do know that my mom had a Persian however.  When I joined the military and moved to Germany I found out that breeders were the way you able to acquire pets...

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  • Contributer Photo Here

    Donna Haynes

    I started out in the beginning alone going to Cat Shows talking to Breeders and Listening to the Judges comments
    on what they liked about the cat they choose as Best Cat. I studied the Breed Standards, Temperament and Pedigrees. I bought my first Bengal, a Silver Stud whom I still have, and worked with a Breeder ...

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